Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lined Tailored Vest


I took a Internship with Anthropologie. I decided to take a internship like this to learn more about retail and merchandising. I worked with several different managers in charge of all departments within Anthropologie. The biggest project we did was to create the Holiday windows for Christmas. I also learned their methods of merchandising, along with all their procedures and protocol's with dealing with things.

Gowns By Pamela

I worked at Gowns By Pamela for 1 year. I altered wedding dresses, stylized our dress forms, merchandised our store, along with working with brides. Here are a couple dresses I put together.


I learned how to make all different types of hats. Here are samples or a straw hat and a pillbox hat using buckram.

Men's Dress Shirt

This project was very involved. I made a Men's dress shirt for my husband.

Learning how to sketch

Part of the my program I needed to take classes where I needed to Illustrate my deigns. Some of these design were done in my History of Fashion Class, Textiles, and in my Illustrations Class. Here is my work.

My first Semester in Fashion School

Beginning Sewing

In beginning sewing I sewed my first garment. I created this skirt. It was a good project to learn alot of different techniques but keeping it basic for me to really learn how to do it.

A big part of this semester was working in and with raw Couture. The Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute presents its annual fashion show, Raw Couture. This event showcases the skills and the talents of the Institute’s own fashion students. Last year marked the 60th Anniversary of the Salt Lake Community College with designs inspired by fashion throughout the decades.
I was in the class that put on the fashion show. I loved seeing the how a fashion show works. We got to cast all the models, figure out the lighting, decide the music, lighting, order of sequence, marketing, etc. Also, I got to be the model in the ad. We picked the photographer and I got to pose for the ad above. It was a great show, and am glad I got to participate in it.